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I'm first a wife, mother,  sister and friend! 


 I learned to sew when I was young, watching my mother sew many things, hours on end, and make things it seemed out of nothing.  I have used the skill off and on.  Later, after my marriage and 4 children, life has brought me back to it, and I love it even more!  I started small, fixing things, and making things with my children. Then I was blessed with a dear friend from our church, with a sewing machine!  A great one, and lots of material.  I had a chance to sew more things, without taking away from teaching and letting my kids sew too.  


I want to make things for others that are useful and creative, adding color and adding a personal touch.


I am teaching my 4 children to sew and find their creativity!  I sew while I teach them or watch over their home schooling, in the evenings and free moments.  I have  recently learned free motion quilting and love added it to simple things to make things unique and special!   

My Family 2014
My Family 2014
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